The Rainbow

Quickly sprinting towards the rivulet, small brown puddles of mud from where the rain had gathered and soaked through the grass, were overflowing. Soft mint-green dew peppered the field between the rising wood and the hidden stream from last nights storm. Receding clouds moved swiftly away from each other to reveal a patch in the sky so diamond-bright it was blinding to look at. Gingerly, something magical happened. One quick harsh blow of wind slapped at the grass with the intensity of a gigantic hair dryer. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a rainbow that stretched for miles smiled at the field. It was bold and made everything seem so tranquil. Peaceful even. The sky was littered with audacious colours – blood-reds and pumpkin-oranges; sea-blues and amethyst-pinks. A myriad of colours bedazzled the sky.

Written by Caitlin aged 12 (Elizabeth’s granddaughter)