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All We Can

All We Can – is the new name for MRDF – Methodist Relief and Development Fund. We work for sustainable long-term change to end the cycle of suffering caused by poverty, inequality and injustice.

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Action For Children

Action for Children supports and speaks out for the UK’s most vulnerable and neglected children and young people, for as long as it takes to make a difference in their lives. In Chepstow we have various fund raising events through the year to support the vital work of this charity.

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Contact: Michael Bale


We are committed to using Fair Trade products wherever we can in our coffee shop, lunch club and all events where refreshments are offered.
Also we have a stand in the church hall where we display and sell a comprehensive selection of Fair Trade products.

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Our Fair Trade representative is Cynthia Giles who will be happy to answer your questions.

Link To Hope

Link to Hope’s aim is to combat poverty and give humanitarian aid and has special concern for the most disadvantaged. Link to Hope’s vision is that one day every person in Eastern Europe will have a safe environment to live in and access to basic healthcare, human rights, employment and education.

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We support the Christmas Shoebox Appeal, co-ordinated by Hilary and Russell Collins.

The Triangle Project

Our church supported a school and clinic in Timboni, Kenya, for 20 years. The project co-ordinations, Julie and Cec Jones, have seen the work grow from small beginnings to a thriving venture.

Zambia – Partners Across The Miles – Hope In Christ

Hope in Christ ministry is in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, and runs a Church, Orphanage, School & Clinic sited on the edge of the Chipata shanty compound, which houses 45,000 people in 2 square miles. Pastor Paul Swala & his wife Mary had the vision & started the School & Orphanage in 2008, in faith that the Lord would provide.

The school has 5 classes and provides free primary education for up to 156 children from 4 to 11 years, with up to 32 orphans housed on site.

The Hope in Christ motto is “The distance between success & failure is action”. Since returning from Zambia in 2015 we have developed a “Partnership Across the Miles” where friends from Chepstow, other parts of the UK and the USA have helped fund meals for the children, education & resources.

For more information contact Vera & Brian Lloyd vbcmc@btinternet.com 

and to make a donation to help the work, visit https://www.give.net/HopeinChristZambia

Churches Together Initiatives

We also support the following as part of Churches Together in Chepstow and District.

Lunch Club – Thursdays (currently suspended)

Christians Against Poverty

Chepstow Food Bank

Find out more from the Churches Together website https://www.chepstowchurchestogether.org.uk/