Christmas Tree Festival

Our festival brought welcome light into the darkness of winter. Many people visited and enjoyed looking at the variety of tree decorations all based on the theme of ‘The Nativity’. You can still come in and see some of the trees which will be displayed all Advent. The white tree was made by Boys Brigade using recycled materials, and was based on scripture which says we should do no harm to our world.

Blue Christmas Service

The Good News this Advent is that God came to walk alongside us in the person of Jesus Christ. This special service on Thursday 5th December was made up of scripture, reflection, prayer & worship, concentrating on some of the challenging issues facing our world and ourselves, often highlighted at Christmas. Brian and Vera introduced each section, gave personal testimonies and led us in prayer, while Cliff connected the whole with an audio visual presentation and live music.  

Link to Hope Shoeboxes

We have just sent 76 shoeboxes for Link to Hope. As Area Receivers, this was part of the 306 that have recently been collected to distribute to families in Eastern Europe. Thank you to all those who donated in any way.

Church discussion

The dates for the discussion are Monday 9th December at 7:00pm or Saturday 14th December at 10:30am and will be led by Rev. Gordon Gresswell.

There is no need to attend both meetings, as the content will be the same. The aim will be to finish in under two hours so that parking will not be an issue.

In our approach to the Conference Report, ‘God in Love Unites Us’, our Circuit decided that each minister would lead informational sessions in their church(es) in the month of November (delayed to December). The purpose of these meetings is to ensure everyone understands what was in the report, what the process will look like going into next year’s Conference, and what it will mean for each church. In the new year, we will host workshops which will include time for open and respectful conversations prior to our extra Synod in the Spring. This extra Synod will have the sole purpose of discussing issues relating to the report.