New Season of Pilgrims

My mother was brought up in a strict Catholic home. My dad was brought up in an atheistic home. We didn’t have ‘religion’ as children, nor as adults. I have not inherited faith but have been blessed by discovering it. An encounter with God some 22 years ago has wrought a mighty transformation within me. My mum now has occasional Communion and my dad describes himself, now, as agnostic. This is progress!

I invite you to join us at Chepstow Methodist Church on the Saturday mornings of March 5th; 12th; 19th and April 2nd to discuss faith through the eyes of a book. We will explore what it means to ask questions of ‘our’ faith, to explore together, to disagree in love and to learn more of being a human being in 21st century Britain.

The theme revolves around a statement that changed my dad’s thinking; ‘It is better to have a living doubt than a dead certainty.’ Book to be revealed on the day, a gift for you to take away and read. Please do put on the alarm clock and join us in The Beacon for a 9.30 AM start, with light breakfast provided.

Let me know if you want to join us,
Pam Horne