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Last updated: 01 December 2017    9:50 PM

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Zambia 2015


Zambia is in the southern part of Africa being one of the poorest countries in the continent with a population of around 15 million. Many children have been orphaned because AIDS and TB are rife and the shanty compounds in the larger towns and cities are desperate places to live where the average life span can be as low as 19 years. 

Hope in Christ Ministry is a charitable organisation set up by Pastor Paul & Mary Swala in 2008. A team from Chepstow & Swansea visited in 2015 experiencing the amazing work helping & educating orphaned children; parents may have died in prison or in the shanty towns known as “compounds” HIV Aids & TB are rife in both locations; Hope in Christ is sited on the edge of one of the Lusaka’s “Shanty Compounds”; they are desperate places with average life expectancy as low as 19 years because of the high rate of infant mortality.

Hope in Christ also supports the work of “Prison Fellowship” in Lusaka helping prisoners and their families. Through Pastor Paul’s work as the National coordinator for Alpha (see alpha.org for more details on Alpha) in the prisons they have contacts with prison chaplains, prisoners & their families throughout Zambia.

Since our trip in 2015 Paul Swala has visited our town & spoken at Chepstow Methodist Church. The Church together with friends in the UK & USA have partnered with Hope in Christ Ministry as “Partners Across the Miles” with the vision to support one another as brothers & sisters in Christ; the body of Christ united in Him: Ephesians 4: 1- 5

This is a dual partnership which supports and encourages both ways. The ongoing primary challenges for Hope in Christ Orphanage/School are providing a daily meal for the children and maintaining a good standard of education by continuing to employ trained teachers and having enough resources. The Orphanage school can take up to 180 children.

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What’s Happening Now

Regular three monthly gifts are being sent to Hope in Christ Orphanage kindly donated by individuals to help provide a daily meal for the children and to maintain a good standard of education by employing trained teachers.

It’s been brilliant to see some of the young people as trainee nurses & graduates from Bible school mentored by Hope in Christ growing up to have opportunities and being encouraged that there is a future.

During 2016 “Hope in Christ Ministry” have built a clinic building on the site with the vision of providing medical care for the children at the orphanage/school and people in the adjacent shanty compound; currently it can take locals several hours walking to get to the nearest medical facility. As a first step to getting the Clinic open, in July 2016, through the generosity of “Partners Across the Miles” electricity was connected and a borehole was sunk which together with the necessary infrastructure is now providing a reliable fresh water supply.

During late 2016 Paul Swala and the local team worked hard at getting the clinic painted, fitted with washable flooring and basically equipped. A Government Health License was required before the Clinic could be opened for work which was funded by “Partners Across the Miles”. Two local doctors volunteered some of their time and on February 3rd 2017 the Clinic officially opened with a Government License in place. The challenge now is to meet the ongoing costs of staffing and providing the clinic with equipment & medicine so if you can help in anyway please contact Vera & Brian. The Hope in Christ Ministry – “Hilda’s” Clinic Mission Statement: To restore hope by sharing God's love to the people through the delivery of quality and tangible health services/care and promotion of health for all.