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Chepstow Methodist Church is a registered charity in the UK (No: 1130776)

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Last updated: 16 July 2017    9:52 PM

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House Groups

We have a number of house groups meeting at different times and locations, usually, but not always, at members’ homes. Since the groups are made up of different people, meeting at different times, there will probably be a group on the list to suit you.

Groups study the Bible, sometimes using study guides, or hold discussions on issues affecting Christians today.

If you are not already in a house group and are interested in learning more, you can contact any of the leaders listed; they will be pleased to help you discover if their group is for you. You can be assured that, whichever group you join, you will be made very welcome.

If you are unsure or have any general questions about house groups, please contact Dave Lindo by email or on  01291 625536

House group times of meeting and leaders:

Tuesday morning (weekly): Pam Horne and Grace Manning

Tuesday evening (fortnightly): John Giles

Wednesday morning (weekly – 10 am): Des Edwards (Hosted by Alf & Sheila Pagden) 

Wednesday evening (weekly – 7.30 pm): Angela Horder

Wednesday evening (fortnightly): Beryl Quinlan

Thursday morning (weekly – 9.30 am): Revd Andrew Webster / Revd Keith Town

Thursday evening (weekly – 7.30 pm): Brian and Vera Lloyd

  Monthly schedule  for Thursday evenings:

    Week 1 Encounter at Church

    Week 2 Bible Study at 37 Normandy Way

    Week 3 Dynamic Prayer at Church

    Week 4  Bible Study at 37 Normandy Way

    If there is a 5th Thursday in the month, Bible Study at 37 Normandy Way