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Last updated: 31 March 2019    9:13 PM

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Food Co-op

Our Community Food Co-op happens on a Friday morning here at the Church when Pauline and Lesley arrive to set up the tables, put posters on the railings and fasten our banner to the notice board.

Once the fruit and vegetables have been delivered to us we arrange the orders, maybe 16 fruit orders, 17 vegetables, three salads and a stir-fry. We also sell free range eggs sourced locally.

Then the customers begin to appear and we put their orders in the free canvas bag they were each given.  We write down what they want for the following week and take the money in advance. Each week our Food Co-op benefits the local rural community by up to £100.

All the vegetables and as much of the fruit as possible is grown within 50 miles of here. This means that our customers support local farmers, reduce the miles their food has to travel and use long lasting carrier bags.

The price is £3.00 for a bag of vegetables, £3.00 for a bag of fruit, £3.00 for a salad and the same for a stir-fry. We are assured that this represents value for money when compared with supermarkets.

Becoming a customer does involve some personal adjustment and putting yourself out a bit so our customers are demonstrating their commitment to becoming more eco-friendly.

Firstly, it is not possible to choose which particular fruit or vegetables you fancy. The choice is made at source and depends on season and availability, so customers have to be adaptable with their menu planning. (The Beacon has on sale an excellent book of soup recipes.)

Secondly, the orders need to be collected on a Friday morning between 10.45 and about 11.45, so this has to be built in to the weekly routine. (It certainly suits a lot of toddler mums and folk having coffee at The Beacon.)  

The whole idea of this Community Food Co-operative is a Welsh Assembly initiative. Its function is to encourage healthy eating and help the local, rural economy.This chimes with our Christian beliefs regarding sustainability and our care for the planet.

Any questions please contact Pauline

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