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Chepstow Methodist Church is a registered charity in the UK (No: 1130776)

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Last updated: 26 October 2018    10:55 PM

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How easyfundraising works

Every time you search the web using http://hopeinchristcommunityschool.easysearch.org.uk   instead of Google or any other search engine, half a penny is raised for Hope in Christ Community School - Zambia.  Search just 15 times a day and you can raise around £25 a year.

See what people are saying about easysearch:

"easysearch is a great idea and just as good as Google for the results! I’ve recommended it to my friends and I think this site is the best around as it does something for people. Well done!"

"What a fantastic idea! I was using Google anyway but this way I get to raise money for my good cause every time I search…brilliant! I’ve made easysearch my homepage!"

So the next time you need to find something online, please use http://hopeinchristcommunityschool.easysearch.org.uk and raise money for Hope in Christ Community School - Zambia with every search you make.

Don’t forget to save the link as your homepage in the options or settings page of your browser.

Don’t forget to use Easy Fundraising when

you buy anything online or in store!

From the EasySearch page you can click on the easyfundraising link in the top line to log in and have a donation paid to Hope in Christ when you buy through one of the retailers in the list.

Click on the link below for more information