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Last updated: 30 April 2015    6:31 PM

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Christmas Tips

At Christmas we celebrate the coming of Jesus -The Word Made Flesh - to save all of Creation (John 1 and Colossians 1:20). Yet this is also a time of year when we tread heavily upon God's earth. Here are ten do-able ways of being mindful of the planet and its limited resources this Advent.

  1. Millions of Christmas Cards are made and then go into landfill. Why not
    join our communal card scheme at church and make a donation to Action
    for Children or send an e-Christmas card.
  2. We probably have enough 'stuff’- and so do your friends – give imaginative ‘gifts in kind’ - send a goat, a cow, school dinners, toilets, education   . . . Take a look at what PresentAid and other charities who do something similar are offering…. see our External Links page.
  3. If ‘stuff’ is needed then think about buying presents second hand from a charity shop buy a Fair-trade present from Traidcraft who only use sustainable materials.
  4. Buy your sprouts (and reindeer carrots) seasonally and locally and save food miles.
  5. If you want a festive tipple - buy local wine/ale, whisky etc and mix with water from the tap.
  6. Share - Invite friends and neighbours round for a meal. Turn off the telly and enjoy the company.
  7. Spend a whole day / week ‘fasting’ from shopping. Sit still everyday and be thank full for what we have, and what we have is enough.
  8. Does everything have to be wrapped? Imagine how many trees are used to make all that wrapping paper…….
  9. Save energy, turn the heating down a bit and wear that lovely festive jumper (hat, scarf, socks, vest etc etc )
  10. Walk instead of driving at least one journey - even if it's a bit of a way - its good exercise, you meet folk and it makes us slow down a bit, after all Mary walked from Nazareth to Bethlehem and she was 9 months pregnant.

(NO DONKEY! – come to AlterNativity in December  to find out more!)